Commission and Incentive Management is a solution that allows all enterprises to represent all kinds of changeable compensation for employees and partners. We give up-to-date and clear data on earned and expected commission and incentives.

This can use to achieve your sales targets quickly for the business function, efficiently and cost-effectively with the effectiveness of incentives and commission. The Incentive and Commission Management business function help you to motivate your partners and employees, and therefore to increase commerce and income. We provide enhanced standard integration characteristics facilitate groups to drive their businesses to force effectiveness by providing the appropriate tools and methods.

Our adjustable sort of Incentive and Commission Management empowers you to respond swiftly to developing strategies and to execute the required changes instantly. Opportunity to define open and simple patterns and to inject new outcomes or delivery ways in a low time results in sales pursuits that are entirely straightened with your corporate strategy.

Incentive and Commission Management is mixed with all appropriate demands to support all significant industry processes:

Organizational Management.

Use of the central business partner.



FS Policy Management.


Automotive industry.

Utility industry.

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