Supply Chain Executive

Supply Chain
  • Post Date: 18-Dec-2021 02:31:20 am


Job description:

  • Ensure retail Stores maintain adequate stock.
  • Review the orders and delivery timetable.
  • Monitor stock levels.
  • Oversee shipment arrival details.
  • Prepare reports for product Tracking through depots and make sure timely arrival at the target destination.
  • SKU Management
  • Measures, monitors, and maintains reports for items and actively works with appropriate departments in the correction of top issues.
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory controlling
  • Team Management
  • Continuously review closely SCM process and adopt improvement strategies.
  • Excellent Communication Skills and proficiency in Microsoft Excel.
  • Proficient in ERP end-user.
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Full Time


Level3 BOS, C39,
Stadium Lane 2,
Phase 5 DHA, Karachi.